Are you overwhelmed with the state of cleanliness in your house? Are you worried that your dirty house is affecting your well-being? Well, you are not alone. For those who don’t know, clutter and messiness can affect your well-being. There are a lot of studies out there that show the relationship between mental and physical health and a messy home.  

Professionals always recommend cleaning your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners nowadays have a busy schedule. They can’t find time to clean their homes. If you’re one of these homeowners, you should consider hiring a cleaning company Pittsburgh PA

Today, we’re going to talk about how a dirty house can affect your well-being. 


Have you experienced getting ready for the day and can’t find the item that you need? It can be overwhelming, right? Well, this happens if you’ve got clutter in your house. Organization enables for more ease in doing tasks such as making a household repair, doing laundry, preparing meals, and more.  

You need to start in areas that you frequently use. Install organizational systems that are easy to use for everybody. This can be a bin for loose items, bookshelf, coat rack, shoe rack, and more.  

Cross Contamination 

When bacteria are transferred from one place to another, cross-contamination occurs. One of the most common areas where cross-contamination happens is the kitchen. Contamination can cause serious issues, such as gastrointestinal problems. Not keeping the bathroom clean and not flushing toilets can allow for the spread of disease via doorknobs, sink handles, and more.  

To avoid the spread of disease, disinfect and clean bathrooms and kitchens.  

Sleep Quality 

How often do you wash your sheets? Do you clean it every month? Keep in mind that whenever you sleep, you are leaving behind dead skin cells, sweat, and skin oils. These things can affect your sleep quality by triggering illnesses, asthma, or allergies.  

Thus, you have to ensure you create a cleaning checklist that includes washing your bedding, such as mattresses, pillows, curtains, and sheets. Make sure you do this regularly.  

Air Quality 

You might be contributing to poor air quality if you don’t dust, sweep, or vacuum your house regularly. If this is the case, it can lead to respiratory diseases and allergies. Airborne pathogens, pet dander, bacteria, and mold can all produce breathing sickness and issues.  

Regularly dust and vacuum your air vents. You should also utilize natural and green cleaners to avoid contaminating the air quality of your house.  

Mental Clutter 

One of the biggest things that can affect your mental health is clutter. Seeing clutter around your house can be mentally exhausting. That is why you should do your best to get rid of clutter around your house

First, you need to pick a day and time to tackle a particular area of your house that you have to sort, clean, and de-clutter. Prepare at least 3 bins and label them “trash”, “donate”, and “keep”. Doing so will help you clean the area and get rid of the clutter inside your house.